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About Us

JUST MANAGE drives construction companies to achieve a breakthrough in their output, by using a digital toolbox. Its smart algorithms manages operation and gains impact on project management improvements, shortens construction time, increases quality and safety and improves financial planning.

Our Story

Our story begins with a simple faith that everything can be done better. Almost everything.

The key to making everything better is proper management, we truly believe that this is what many people should be focusing on. 

We also believe that in our field of construction, correct and efficient management brings success.

This field is full of good people, who work hard for a living and they deserve to have an easier way to profit, so they would be able to enjoy the process and work towards a common goal – the success of the project.


Therefore, in 2010 we decided to find a way for a better management.

We have found a winning combination of management methodologies and a smart technology that go along with simple practical insights.

The result of our efforts is “Just Manage” – an efficient tool box for the field of construction that significantly improves management, simplifies the work process and brings more profits.

We offer you to be a part of our vision - Management Builds Success.

Ari Urieli

Ari Urieli

Founder & CEO, Just Manage
Owner and chairman, “Yahad” development

  • Co-Founder & Chairman, YAHAD development

  • Co-Founder & Chairman, Feedbox

  • Former EVP, Tidhar Group, Israel 

  • Former CEO, Tidhar Construction, Israel 

Ari is an ‘Israeli construction veteran’ with a proven track record in the construction industry, managerial experience and a solid network of decision makers.

Under his leadership for over than 14 years, “Tidhar Construction", a major construction operation in Israel, has gained exceptional growth.  With Tidhar, Urieli received the Israeli Building Center award for promoting the management and quality concepts in the fields of construction and contracting in Israel. 
In addition, Urieli, in collaboration with Tidhar, has received an award on behalf of the Standards Institution of Israel for his contribution to promotion of management concepts in the field of construction. Among other awards, he has also received a National Quality prize for establishing a high-quality management system.

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