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Better control and manage project tasks and shorten construction schedule​

Project Management Made Easy And Effective

  • Real time full control and visibility over all projects tasks. 

  • Shorten construction schedule orientation in all project phases.

  • A comprehensive monthly report to support  better decision-making.  

  • Lowering additional unnecessary costs and fines.

  • Keeps track of project targets and KPIs. 

  • Align cash flow with project milestones and process.

JM Project allows you to manage multiple projects with the same methodology, overcome data loads and keep up with every project different challenges. 

"The best way to test the opportunity for an improvement is to learn from the experience of others."
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Monthly Report

Monthly report is generated automatically by the system, allowing you to immediately detect all positive sides of the projects, as well as the difficulties and solve them ad hoc.

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תקציר מנהלים
צבירת עבודה - תכנון מול ביצוע

A Variety of Tools 

The system is equipped with a variety of interlinked tools that allow various views of a single database based on planning and actual performance report.

These tools will help you understand the processes of your project and manage it more easily than ever.

The Circular Management Methodology Behind The System

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