Shorten construction schedule and better align project team and with our JM dedicated, real-time and dynamic, scheduling and synchronization management platform


Know in real-time exactly where you stand against your plan and meet your goals 

Meeting the construction project deadline is all about know-how and experience, and science is a major factor in getting there. We deliver both.

Optimal Planning
Create an optimal scheduling plan in a click of a button and shorten the construction schedule to ensure meeting project timeline goals.
Smart Execution
Fully align project team and sub-contractors via a collaborative easy to use mobile app. 
Transform unactionable data overload to actionable decisions in real-time and manage site resources dynamically
Easy Control & Monitoring
Automatically collect real-time updates from all project peers to enable a clear and simple snapshot of the project EVERYDAY. 

Fully control project tasks and automatically create and communicate scheduling updates to the relevant teams to avoid faults and delays.

Develop.Build.Handover.Just Faster!

The Construction world is going through a major digital shift.
The ability to create an optimal and constantly relevant scheduling tool that meets the actual project progress is in the heart of that shift.

Digital Tenant Handover protocols became super smart and simple.


Properly document all rejects, missions, assigned sub-contractors until full completion and successful handover. 

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