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​Gantt-less is Better.
You Can Build on That.

Time to say goodbye to the good old Gannt planning software and migrate to Just Manage - a modern Gannt-less planning and construction project management platform.

Join construction companies that already drive better performance in the  era of AI, mobile computing power and modern agile managerial perception.

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Why Gantt-less? Why now?
Nowadays, managing a construction project with a Gantt chart is like going on a road trip with your hardcopy map book on your lap, rather than use a 'Turn-by-Turn' navigation app. 

The construction industry is paving to close the gap in digital transformation.
Gannt based waterfall planning is no longer the proper tool an efficiency driver. 
We bring a better way to deliver projects with agile like planning, leverage on mobile computing power, real-time data-driven decision making and optimization. 
Just Manage connects all project peers and subcontractors in order to increase afficiancy, productivity and communication.

HMake Your Project Team Align with Schedule...Daily! 
With the centralized app of Just Manage, your project team and subcontractors will know exactly what, where and when they should do, everyday. 

Just Manage's unique Gantt-less planning platform helps construction companies to better steer and control construction projects on a daily basis, and drive more efficiencies:

  • Shortens construction schedule

  • Avoids and optimizes unnecessary costs

  • Cuts down project overhead

  • Saves effort and time of repetitive work

  • Lower cost and setbacks of quality reject

  • Improves your reputation and tenants' experience.

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Harness Gantt-less Planing to Increase Performance
Know in real-time exactly where you stand against your plan and meet your goals 

Meeting the construction project deadline is all about know-how and experience, and science is a major factor in getting there. We deliver both.

  • Project status update from multiple data points on a daily basis 

  • Create 'turn-by-turn' task allocation for all site workers

  • Seamless collaboration

  • Create one common language and source of truth in the project 

  • Solve bottlenecks and setback before they happen

  • Increase site wisdom 

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